Keck research focuses on the effects of multiple sclerosis on Hispanic Populations

The USC Keck School of Medicine of USC is looking to find breakthroughs in understanding multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that disproportionately affects minority groups. Dr. Lilyana Amezcua of the Keck School is leading a research team to increase a scarce database of information concerning the Hispanic population that has long been neglected in scientific literature.

Amezcua said she wants to ensure that the Hispanic population, the minority group most likely to be diagnosed with MS, according to her, will not be ignored as they have been in years past.

“US-born Hispanics tend to get MS at a much younger age compared to whites and compared within other Hispanic groups,” Amezcua said.  “We don’t know why, but that is telling us there is likely an environmental factor more prevalent here.”

via Keck research focuses on the effects of multiple sclerosis on Hispanic Populations | Daily Trojan

Once again this article points out that the myth that MS is a white person’s disease is wrong.

According to the National MS Society Hispanic and Latinos are a fast-growing group developing multiple sclerosis. This article points out Hispanics are more likely to develop multiple sclerosis earlier in life.

It’s interesting that ethnic groups when they develop multiple sclerosis have unique characteristics of the disease based on their race. African Americans as an example are more likely to experience more relapses, suffer more from conditions such as optic-spinal MS and traverse myelitis. This makes me wonder if other ethnic groups such as Arab and Asians have multiple sclerosis issues that are more unique to their race.

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