Understanding how omega-3 dampens inflammatory reactions | EurekAlert! Science News

Supplements beneficial

Autophagy thus changes in macrophages in response to omega-3 fatty acids and specifically inhibits the secretion of inflammatory factors that belong to the interferon response, with CXCL-10 showing the clearest reduction. The results of this study are being published in the journal Autophagy.

These findings indicate that omega-3 fatty acid supplements may be particularly beneficial in patients who have conditions that are driven or aggravated by a strong interferon response and CXCL-10.

Our research group hopes that this one day will benefit patients with different forms of cancer, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease or jaundice. But we must emphasize that a lot of work remains.

via Understanding how omega-3 dampens inflammatory reactions | EurekAlert! Science News

The information presented here is compelling but I’m still not convinced that a supplement is the best way to go. I’ve tried fish oil supplements in the past and didn’t see any benefit.

On the other hand I found that by eating fish and shrimp my multiple sclerosis symptoms seem to improve. I also see an improvement with the new style eggs that have omega 3.

I think I’ll stick with the diet I do that includes clams, cod, herring, muscles, salmon, shrimp, and tuna. Of course I don’t know how much omega-3 it has but I’ll also continue eating fried catfish and okra.

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