Don’t Worry About Me

I came across this tweet this morning and agree with it 100%.

I have found many people when I’m out in public very helpful and I appreciate it. Some however assume that I can’t do something or are overly concerned. Examples of this include the guy who runs over and asks if I’m Okay and if I got hurt when I fell. The problem I had knelt down to tie my shoe. Another example is the relative who stated I couldn’t go to a baseball game because I was having difficulty walking.

For me if you see I’m having difficulty doing something and want to help great. However realize many times I would have to do the same thing on my own. If I need help I’ll ask. Please understand if I can’t do something I’ll say so, don’t assume I can’t.

One thing I want everyone to know is that while I have MS, MS does not have me. If you have any questions about Multiple Sclerosis don’t be afraid to ask me.

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