Living with Multiple Sclerosis – What I’m Telling My Sons in Five Minutes |

Michael Ruegg

One morning in October of 2012 my right knee buckled as I was running by the old Trader Joe’s. I guess it didn’t buckle. It felt more like a spring in my knee had popped loose. I could still walk, but that’s all I could do. I spent the next forty five minutes limping home, convinced I’d pinched a nerve or something.

Then it felt better. Completely better.

A few days later I was doing laundry, bent down in a catcher’s stance with a basket of my sweat soaked running clothes. My ankle gave out. I fell. The dirty clothes fell, too. On me.

You had to laugh, right?

I told Sara what happened. She didn’t laugh. She told to me to call my doctor.

I waited. It would get better.

It did not. My ankle wasn’t working right. No pain, just a lack of function, like a watch that needed winding. The next day I did what you shouldn’t: I Googled my symptoms.

Rabbit hole.

According to Google, I either had an inflamed bursa sac or bone cancer. I immediately ruled out an inflamed bursa sac and scheduled that doctor’s appointment Sara had suggested.

X-rays and MRIs. No structural damage. Bone scan. No cancer. Electromyogram. Inconclusive. Blood work. Inconclusive.

I went to a doctor who specializes in physical therapy. Have you been experiencing any numbness? Fatigue? Why yes doctor, both. Should I have mentioned that?

She poked me with a needle a few times and ordered some more tests. MRIs on my thoracic spine and brain. More blood work. A spinal tap.

via Living with Multiple Sclerosis – What I’m Telling My Sons in Five Minutes |

I would like to post this for people who don’t have Multiple Sclerosis so they know what many go through before being diagnosed with MS.

For me I went years with off and on tingling and burning in my right foot that eventually spread to my left foot. As the condition got worse I got stiff in the back and shoulders along with fatigue.

On my path to a MS diagnosis I was told I had a pinched nerve, arthritis, fibromyalgia, a collapsed or ruptured disc, and a mass on my spine. I was actually scheduled for back surgery when the surgeon told me he thought I had MS. He sent me to Dr. Gabriel Pardo a Multiple Sclerosis specialist, who  after a series of tests diagnosed me with MS.

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