In August of this year I blogged about a press release about a new drug GoCovri that the FDA approved. Little did I know in a few months my doctor would put me on that medication and I would find out how awesome it was and how it would improve my life.

At the beginning of December I had bad tremors that had gotten worse over the last 2 months. I was stiff all over and it had affected my vocal cords. My voice was so bad that many people couldn’t understand what I was saying and the volume of my voice was very low.

On the evening of December 1st I took my first GoCovri pill just before I went to bed as the manufacture and doctor prescribed. Upon waking the next morning I noticed my voice seemed to have improved in that short amount of time. My wife even commented about how my voice to improved. As I went throughout the day others noticed the improvement as well. On Saturday the 2nd I took my second pill and that Sunday I went to a Christmas party. Everyone I talk to at the party asked me what I had done because my voice had improved.

Over the next two weeks I noticed my stiffness seemed to be less. My tremors also seemed to be much reduced. Overall I felt much better and I had more energy.

Yesterday I went back to 2 of my former customers, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Avis Rent A Car at Will Rogers Airport. I wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas; it was the first time I have been back since I retired due to my MS 6 months ago. Many who greeted me stated my voice had improved dramatically from the last time they had seen me, and I appeared to be in much better shape overall than I was 6 months earlier. Many asked what I had done for such an improvement and I told them taking GoCovri. Several people told me to keep taking it as it was working.

For anybody with Multiple Sclerosis this drug is planned to be released for use for them as well and the FDA needs to approve it immediately. For me it works better than Amantadine with zero side affects. Insurance companies need to make note of this wonder drug and add it to their list of approved medications. GoCovri has made a difference in my life it’s like going from night to day.

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