CNY teacher hitting the ski trail hoping to inspire others

Among them, a 6th Grade math teacher from West Genesee Middle School, who is redefining determination.

Sue Bingham was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or MS back in 2002, but she hasn’t let the life-changing diagnosis get her down.

“How I define myself continued to be as an athlete, but my ability to live out that life started to change,” said Bingham.

This will be Sue’s first time at the games, competing in cross country skiing.

Sue, a former cyclist, was forced from her bike after she struggled with balance and vision problems, caused by her MS.

“When I was diagnosed with MS, I felt like my body sort of went to war with itself,” said Bingham

Skiing has also helped her build a bond with her daughter Clare. In fact, her entire family, including her husband Tim, love spending time on the ski trails together.

“I’m trying to show her no matter what life throws at you no matter what challenges you face you still get to decide for yourself, every day, what do you want to sign up for, who do you want to be? And I really want her to still see me as a the athlete that I see myself as. I’ve just redefined what winning means,” Bingham added.

via CNY teacher hitting the ski trail hoping to inspire other
Good luck to Sue Bingham who is competing at the Empire State Winter Games at Lake Placid in the cross country skiing event. Sue has had Multiple Sclerosis since 2002.

Thank you Sue for the inspiring story.

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