New Jersey man stops in CT along 300 mile fundraiser for woman with Multiple Sclerosis

Brian Sebok made a stop in Milford Friday along his journey as he attempts to make the life of a disabled single mother a little easier. Last year, Sebok spent months walking thousands of miles across the United States for fun.

“Just to do it,” Sebok said. “It was a dream, a childhood dream that may come true.”

This year, he is walking 300 miles across five states from the steps of his home in Netcong, New Jersey to Boston. This time, it’s for a much more noble cause.

“Just to do a nice thing for a nice person,” Sebok said. “Just to show that there is good in this world.”

Sebok is raising $5,000 to help Nichole Snyder maker her home Palmerton, Pennsylvania handicap accessible as she battles Multiple sclerosis. Sebok said he got the idea two weeks ago after watching this Facebook video of Snyder – his Facebook friend – talk about her struggles.

Brian Sobek, is a glowing example of helping others. This would be a better world if more people followed Brian’s example.

While this is an inspiring story, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea of someone being 29 years old and needing to be put in a nursing home, due to MS.

Around 16,000 in New Jersey and 28,000 in Pennsylvania live with Multiple Sclerosis.

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