A stricken dancer and the walker she uses to create ballet | Stu Bykofsky – Philly


A 2005 injury shattered her dream of becoming a ballerina. Four years later, multiple sclerosis stole her ability to walk.

Danielle Bourgeon, who had been a dancer for most of her life, was forced to use an ugly aluminum walker. She fell into depression and self-pity.

That lasted a while, but eventually she was able to walk again. That’s when Danielle decided to make lemonade, if you get my drift.

Always a dancer in spirit, she is creating a ballet, “Made Stronger,” about her “journey with multiple sclerosis,” she tells me. Her purpose is to encourage others who are suffering, and her stroke of genius was to incorporate her walker.



I applaud Danielle Bourgeon for what she is doing to bring awareness to multiple sclerosis.

As I see it any movement is a defiant Act to this disease.

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