Turner Falls Oklahoma Jigsaw Puzzle

Turner Falls Davis, Oklahoma

Turner Falls Oklahoma

Try Jigsaw puzzle

4,344 of the 490,616 Americans that have MS live in Oklahoma.

Source: National MS Society 10/2016.

Heat Sensitivity – Many people that have MS are heat sensitive, this means when exposed to heat (summer) their Multiple Sclerosis symptoms get worse.

Each person’s path with MS is unique, as a result not everyone with Multiple Sclerosis will have this medical condition.

Photo By ChihHo Chou from Kaohsoung, Taiwan – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link


The photo was modified from the original in the following ways:

  • It was reduced in size.
  • It was converted to a jigsaw puzzle.

Use of this photo does not constitute any endorsement or connection to Wipe Out MS by either The National MS Society or the photo creator.




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