MS Changes Tim Barnes’s Workout Routine but Doesn’t Derail 


“As soon as my doctor cleared me to do so, I went back to the gym. I couldn’t hold a dumbbell or balance free weights on a bar, so I used machines that were stabilized and just started doing whatever I could to try to work my muscles. I did walking lunges, which were awkward, and I even fell over a few times in the beginning. I could do standing deep squats with no weight. I used curl machines and triceps press machines, as well as seated chest press so I didn’t have to worry about dropping the weights.

With Multiple Sclerosis life is all about adapting sooner or later the MS will change and you will need to make changes to counter.

As of October 2016 there were estimated 14,459 people living in North Carolina Multiple Sclerosis according to the National MS Society.

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