Former Kentucky preps standout Brooke Dossett thriving despite MS


“She airballed a pull-up jumper, going left,” Ruffing says. “She normally has a really good pull-up jumper. You could sense it then, something was wrong.”

Dossett complained of blurred vision in her right eye. Doctors ruled out any connection to the concussion but couldn’t figure out the problem. When a Lexington specialist delivered the diagnosis, everybody in the room – Ruffing, Dossett, her parents, a team trainer – shared the same thought:

No more sports.

With Dossett, though, that notion lasted barely a nanosecond.

“She didn’t even blink,” Ruffing said. “That’s a moment I will never forget; how she kept it together.”

Dossett went home and dived into research. In Japan, Bishop did the same.

“I Googled ‘athletes with MS,’” Dossett said. “I found barely anyone who played.”

But “barely” isn’t “nobody.”

She discovered that Chris Wright, a former Georgetown University men’s basketball player, had done time in the NBA after being diagnosed with MS. Stan Belinda pitched in the major leagues, Josh Harding played goalie for the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, and Lori Schneider scaled Mount Everest. All with MS.

This is an inspiring story about Brooke Dossett from Kentucky, who found her blurred vision was caused by multiple sclerosis. One of many bad things about MS is it can strike suddenly without warning as it did with Brooke. Since I was diagnosed I have met several who were suddenly struck with multiple sclerosis. Among them someone who collapsed at work as if they had a stroke. Another woke up one morning to find that they couldn’t see out of one eye and 3 others that were either partially or completely paralyzed when they woke in the morning.

Besides having MS myself this is another reason why I want to find a cure for MS. It’s very sad to see young adults suddenly struck down by MS.

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