Runners at Detroit’s marathon expo prepare to chase their dreams

It’s not Cheryl Hile’s first time running a marathon internationally. She has run one on every continent (there’s seven of them, in case you forgot).

Hile has 97 people on her running team for the marathon, 44 of whom have multiple sclerosis. It’s a part of her inaugural “Run a Myelin my Shoes” marathon campaign. Myelin is the tissue that protects nerve cells. In people with MS, myelin is gradually being reduced, so the messages from the brain get interrupted.

“After traveling around the world doing marathons, you get to meet really cool people,” said Hile, who is from Monterey, California. “And this is a chance to celebrate what we can do despite MS.”

Hile has run 44 marathons since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She’s also the first person with multiple sclerosis to run a marathon on every continent.

Good luck to Cheryl Hile, and the 97 Runners on her team. It’s amazing the team has 44 runners with MS and that she’s run marathons on all 7 continents.

I also like the name she selected for her inaugural run “Run a Myelin My Shoes”.

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