Issaquah honors soccer star after MS diagnosis; she vows to ‘get my cleats back on’

But while prepping for her freshman year at UW, doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis.

“I think my whole life I’ve been battling smaller things – injuries just things that happen,” Longo said. “But with me, I’ve carried a passion for the game and a passion for soccer and a team and I think one diagnosis, one disease, isn’t gonna be able to hold me back from that.”

As if anything could.

“It’s not gonna define my life, and I’m gonna do what it takes to keep pushing through,” she said.

And if, by chance, she could ever use a push – well, her entire community’s got her back.

“It started out as a simple ‘let’s do something to support Claudia,’ and it took on a life of its own,” Claudia’s father Michael said. “Everyone just wanted to show their love and support of Claudia. We feel so blessed to be part of this great community.”

This is a sad but inspiring story about Claudia Longo being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and her attitude. This is sad because it is yet another case of a young adult being diagnosed with MS.

Inspiring because she has an attitude that says multiple sclerosis is not going to tell her she can’t play soccer. Also is the fact that her teammates and the community has her back.

I wish Claudia Longo best of luck in all of your endeavors.

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