What would you do if one morning you woke up and found that either you, your spouse, son or daughter suddenly without warning were paralyzed or blind? Unfortunately that’s how many find out they have the incurable disease known as Multiple Sclerosis.

As an American your odds of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are 1 in 750.

Welcome to the Wipe Out MS website that is the year round home of Team Wipe Out MS. Since 2009 we have walked to fund raise and bring awareness to multiple sclerosis in the Walk MS: Central Oklahoma event; once known as the Oklahoma City Walk MS. Also we have walked in former Edmond and Stillwater Walk MS events.

Multiple Sclerosis also known as MS, is a disease of the central nervous system.  It strikes many times suddenly with very little warning and affects an estimated 400,000 Americans. That 400,000 number is about the same as the population of Tulsa Oklahoma, the 47th most populated city in the United States.

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Since 2008 when I was diagnosed I’ve encountered several people that were devastated at their introduction to MS.

  • One in their 20’s suddenly collapsed as if they had a stroke.
  • Several others went to bed feeling normal, only to wake in the morning and finding they were either blind in 1 eye, couldn’t walk or were partially or totally paralyzed.

While you can’t catch multiple sclerosis (MS) from someone that has the disease no one is immune.

Sadly there is “No Cure

My cost in medications is $84,900 per year. This doesn’t count doctor appointments, MRIs, blood tests and the list goes on.

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