Welcome to Wipe Out MS, my name is Alan and on January 8, 2008 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis also known as MS. This diagnosis came after spending over 5 years looking for the cause of the tingling and burning in my right foot. During that time I was diagnosed as having a pinched nerve. Then the problem was diagnosed as fibromyalgia, following that I was diagnosed with a collapsed or ruptured disc in my back. I was actually scheduled for back surgery when the surgeon said he thought I had MS. He referred me to another neurologist who specialized in Multiple Sclerosis,. After more MRIs, lots of blood tests and a spinal tap, the cause had been found.

I have found since I was diagnosed many people do not understand Multiple Sclerosis. Many have confused it with muscular dystrophy to the point of asking me if I had been one of Jerry’s Kids. I’ve been asked how much longer I have to live and even asked how it affects my bones since it’s a bone disease. I’ve also been asked how I caught it and if it was contagious.

This project was designed to educate while using a orange microfiber cloth to bring awareness to this unpredictable disease.

I formed my first walk team 2009 and in 2010 created Wipe Out MS. Besides participating in Walk MS Oklahoma City, I’ve walked in events in Edmond and Stillwater .

As a matter of fact multiple sclerosis is a leading cause of disability in young adults and nearly 1 million Americans suffer with this disease.

Sadly there is “No Cure

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