Man with MS running the London Marathon hails benefits of exercise while living with incurable condition


Tom Cutts, 27, will run his first marathon on Sunday to raise funds for Colchester charity MS-UK after being diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, which affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord.

Since his diagnosis in October 2017, Mr Cutts has faced symptoms including chronic pain in his face, bowel issues, balance problems, and bouts of depression.

But the former semi-professional footballer, who vowed to run the marathon on the day of his diagnosis, told the Standard running has helped “take his mind off things” over the last two years.

This is an inspiring story of grit and determination to accomplish something with MS. Congratulations Tom, on reaching 162% of your goal.

Caledonia woman makes strides against MS

CALEDONIA — Rebecca Benish, along with her teammates, last week proved that a multiple sclerosis diagnosis doesn’t have to mean a sedentary life or confinement to a wheelchair.

Benish, 39, of Caledonia, was joined by more than 90 teammates in the Detroit Free Press Marathon on Oct. 21 in Detroit.

“It was so exciting,” Benish said of the marathon.

The members of the Run A Myelin My Shoes team, half of whom have MS, ran various distances: Some did the whole marathon, some did half and others, like Benish, took part in a relay. Benish ran 12.9 miles that day, making up two legs of the relay. Others from every continent across the globe joined in running or walking. The team worked to raise money and awareness for the National MS Society.

Congratulations and thank you to Rebecca Benish, Cheryl Hile and the rest of the Run A Myelin My Shoes team, on completing the Detroit Marathon. Excellent job of fund-raising and MS awareness.

Mayor to run Dublin Marathon to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis

MAYOR of South Dublin County Mark Ward will run in the Dublin Marathon on Sunday, October 28, to raise awareness around multiple sclerosis (MS).

The Sinn Fein councillor was diagnosed with MS in 2005, on a walking stick at the age of 32, and slipped into depression for a number of years.

Good luck to mayor Mark Ward on running the Dublin Marathon and on his next MRI.

Runners at Detroit’s marathon expo prepare to chase their dreams

It’s not Cheryl Hile’s first time running a marathon internationally. She has run one on every continent (there’s seven of them, in case you forgot).

Hile has 97 people on her running team for the marathon, 44 of whom have multiple sclerosis. It’s a part of her inaugural “Run a Myelin my Shoes” marathon campaign. Myelin is the tissue that protects nerve cells. In people with MS, myelin is gradually being reduced, so the messages from the brain get interrupted.

“After traveling around the world doing marathons, you get to meet really cool people,” said Hile, who is from Monterey, California. “And this is a chance to celebrate what we can do despite MS.”

Hile has run 44 marathons since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She’s also the first person with multiple sclerosis to run a marathon on every continent.

Good luck to Cheryl Hile, and the 97 Runners on her team. It’s amazing the team has 44 runners with MS and that she’s run marathons on all 7 continents.

I also like the name she selected for her inaugural run “Run a Myelin My Shoes”.

Runner with MS continues to defy the odds


A St. Catharines woman with multiple sclerosis has defied the odds given to her by doctors 30 years ago and will continue to do so next month as the first Canadian living with her condition to participate in the New York City Marathon.

Toosje (TJ) Fulcher, 43, will run the iconic race alongside Canada’s flagbearer, a course that is more than 26 miles (41 kilometres).

In June, she nearly completed the Niagara Ultra Marathon, making it all the way to the 35-kilometre mark toward the 50-kilometre finish.

Diagnosed at the age of 13, Fulcher received a book from her sister about an American woman with MS who competed in the famous run in the Big Apple.

Inspired by her story for so many years, Fulcher said it’s now her time.

This is an inspirational story about Toosje Fulcher, who was diagnosed with MS at the early age of 13.

Children with Multiple Sclerosis is a good reason for anyone to get involved in funding research so a cure for this nightmare of a disease can be found.

Good luck in New York City, Toosje!

As of October 2016 the National MS Society, estimated there were at least 32,386 people living with Multiple Sclerosis in the state of New York.

Ultra marathoner runs for his daughter, and to beat back neurological disorder

ST. CHARLES, MO – A St. Charles man faced with a life-changing diagnosis will embark on a challenge that will push his body to the limit. As the sun rises over the Colorado mountains Saturday morning (Aug. 18), Matthew Porter will begin running and will not stop for nearly 30 hours.

For two years, Porter has been training for the Leadville Trail 100, an annual ultramarathon that will take him on trails and dirt roads near Leadville, CO through the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Three and a half years ago, a doctor ordered an MRI to look into some tension Porter was feeling in his back. That is when the doctor first noticed signs of Multiple Sclerosis.

On a scale from one to ten, Porter says most days his pain is at a two or three. On the bad days, it is closer to a seven or eight. Sometimes he experiences uncontrollable tingling from his fingertips to the back of his skull. Other times, his chest muscles contract intensely into what he says people in the M.S. community call the “M.S. hug.”

Good luck to Matthew Porter who is going to be running in the Leadville 100 Ultramarathon. It will be quite a challenge for him going from elevation of 577 feet in St. Charles, Missouri to an elevation of 10,152 feet in Leadville Colorado. Leadville has the highest elevation of an incorporated city in the United States. Leadville’s elevation is so high that you can’t boil water there.

According to the National MS Society as of October of 2016, there were 14,420 people in Colorado living with Multiple Sclerosis and 11,101 living with the disease in Missouri.

Despite battling MS, Davidson looks to complete 50 marathons in 50 states – Hawaii Tribune-Herald



Driven by his family and faith, Jonathan Davidson is looking to accomplish what many would qualify as impossible.

Davidson, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001, is trying to join the 50-50 club, running 50 marathons in 50 states.

When he toes the line at the 25th annual Kona Marathon in Waikoloa on Sunday morning, he will be staring down his 48th, with only Alaska and Maryland to go.

“I can’t believe this is No. 48,” Davidson said. “I have to credit God for my health. After 10-15 years, a lot of people who have been diagnosed with MS have trouble walking.”

Davidson, who lives in Tennessee, is not only walking — he is running, and some of the feats he has accomplished are astounding. He has completed 12 marathons in a single year twice. He has also completed marathons on back-to-back days twice and lhas done three marathons in three days two times.

Those are incredible statistics, especially when considering just how far Davidson has come.

via Despite battling MS, Davidson looks to complete 50 marathons in 50 states – Hawaii Tribune-Herald

This is an inspiring story that shows the power of family, faith and how far we’ve come with our medications.

Good luck Jonathan!