Caledonia woman makes strides against MS

CALEDONIA — Rebecca Benish, along with her teammates, last week proved that a multiple sclerosis diagnosis doesn’t have to mean a sedentary life or confinement to a wheelchair.

Benish, 39, of Caledonia, was joined by more than 90 teammates in the Detroit Free Press Marathon on Oct. 21 in Detroit.

“It was so exciting,” Benish said of the marathon.

The members of the Run A Myelin My Shoes team, half of whom have MS, ran various distances: Some did the whole marathon, some did half and others, like Benish, took part in a relay. Benish ran 12.9 miles that day, making up two legs of the relay. Others from every continent across the globe joined in running or walking. The team worked to raise money and awareness for the National MS Society.

Congratulations and thank you to Rebecca Benish, Cheryl Hile and the rest of the Run A Myelin My Shoes team, on completing the Detroit Marathon. Excellent job of fund-raising and MS awareness.

Runners at Detroit’s marathon expo prepare to chase their dreams

It’s not Cheryl Hile’s first time running a marathon internationally. She has run one on every continent (there’s seven of them, in case you forgot).

Hile has 97 people on her running team for the marathon, 44 of whom have multiple sclerosis. It’s a part of her inaugural “Run a Myelin my Shoes” marathon campaign. Myelin is the tissue that protects nerve cells. In people with MS, myelin is gradually being reduced, so the messages from the brain get interrupted.

“After traveling around the world doing marathons, you get to meet really cool people,” said Hile, who is from Monterey, California. “And this is a chance to celebrate what we can do despite MS.”

Hile has run 44 marathons since her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She’s also the first person with multiple sclerosis to run a marathon on every continent.

Good luck to Cheryl Hile, and the 97 Runners on her team. It’s amazing the team has 44 runners with MS and that she’s run marathons on all 7 continents.

I also like the name she selected for her inaugural run “Run a Myelin My Shoes”.

Riding for a Cause


Riding for a Cause – Area horse riders participated in a Poker Run, Walk or Trot to benefit the multiple sclerosis program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. According to Spokesperson Libby Landris, the event raised about $1,908 with several pledges left to come in. More than 30 riders participated in the event.

The event included prizes, a potluck and camping at the Luzerne Trail Camp in Luzerne, just west of Mio.

via Riding for a Cause

I’ve heard of a poker run with either cars or motorcycles for fundraising, but not riding horses; looks like a fun way to get donations.

In Michigan 19,000 people live with Multiple Sclerosis.

Tahquamenon Falls Michigan Jigsaw Puzzle

Tahquamenon Falls Michigan

Tahquamenon Falls Michigan

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18,710 of the 490,616 Americans that have MS live in Michigan.

Source: National MS Society 10/2016.

MS History – In July of 1993 the FDA approved Betaseron as the first medication to manage Multiple Sclerosis. Thanks to research there are now 15 medications approved to manage MS.

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Price of specialty drugs spikes in Michigan | Bridge Magazine

A nurse by trade, Denice Raymond is well schooled on the price that multiple sclerosis exacts on the body. As an MS patient, she can also testify to the challenges of paying for drugs that might help her walk.

Raymond is prescribed a drug that retails for about $60,000 a year – and while mostly covered by Medicare – that still left her with annual out-of-pocket costs of about $6,000. Raymond, a resident of Calhoun County east of Battle Creek, was grateful to find a nonprofit organization that agreed to pay the rest.

A few months ago, her doctor suggested she take another to drug to improve her gait. Diagnosed with MS in 2002, Raymond gets around primarily by walker or wheelchair. But the new drug would have cost her several thousand dollars more a year: It was a deal-breaker.

“There is no way we could afford that. It was either buy groceries or make an attempt to walk,” Raymond said.

High cost of treating MS

The cost of MS drugs at introduction and cost today. The first of these drugs was introduced in 1993. Their date of introduction, cost then, and cost now.

  • Betaseron: 1993 $11,532, Now $82,884
  • Avonex: 1996 $8,723, Now $79,911
  • Copaxone: 1997 $8,292, Now $84,707
  • Rebif: 2002 $15,262, Now $82,153
  • Tysabri: 2004 $25,850, Now $75,792
  • Extavia: 2009 $32,826, Now $71,216
  • Gilenya: 2010 $50,775, Now $86,637
  • Aubagio: 2012 $47,651, Now $78,546

Source: National Multiple Sclerosis Society

via Price of specialty drugs spikes in Michigan | Bridge Magazine

This isn’t just a Michigan problem it’s a national problem and I blogged about it when a Congressional investigation was announced in August.

I don’t believe that this involves just Multiple Sclerosis drugs.

Picture Rocks National Lake Shore Park Michigan Jigsaw Puzzle

MS Fact:The average person in the United States has about 1 in 750 chance of developing Multiple Sclerosis. – Source: National MS Society

MS (multiple sclerosis) is an unpredictable disease of the Central Nervous System; there is no cure.


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Photo: Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore – Michigan (MI)

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