Using Your Cloth

Wipe Out MS 101018

Many items can be safely cleaned without chemicals by using the Wipe Out MS Orange Microfiber Cloth. Here is just a sample of some of the ideas that will also help the environment. Most cleaning can be done by either misting the cloth or getting it damp with water.


Auto – Clean interior surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth to remove dust from the dash and other surfaces. Use to dry the exterior eliminating water spots. Remove car wax and trap the left over dust from auto wax besides buffing your car to a high shine.

Bathroom – Use hot water to clean tubs, showers, sink and you can use your favorite bathroom cleaner for added cleaning power.

Furniture – Dusting can be done with a damp microfiber cloth or use your favorite polish to leave a protective shiny surface behind.

Glass – Mirrors, windows, windshields etc. can be cleaned with a damp cloth leaving a streak and lint free appearance. You can also use your favorite glass cleaner with this cloth. Don’t forget to clean the window frames and edges as well. Clean the rubber part of the windshield wipers to improve wiper performance.

Kitchen Surfaces – Again just use water to clean counter and polish sinks. Use with your favorite cleaner or vinegar for more cleaning power. Don’t forget to clean the interior of your microwave.

Liquid Spills – Use dry to suck up liquid spills from carpeting and hard surfaces. On carpeting simply place over the spill area and press down. Rotate and wring out the cloth as needed.

Always wash a microfiber cloth before using it for the first time.

Stop Filling The Landfill with car load after car load of paper towels. By using an Orange Microfiber Cloth for cleaning you simply wash it and reuse it. These cloths are earth friendly and can be washed hundreds of times.

Saves You Money, since you’re not buying more paper towels that eventually fill your trash can and drain your wallet.